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We can install, insulate and treat your cabin at affordable prices. See the price charts for each cabin.


  Ramsdell Cottage Bucklebury Cottage Bradfield Cottage
Alton Cottage Wolverton Cottage Oakley Cottage Henley Lodge
Newbury Cottage Ramsbury Cottage Clockhouse Cottage  

 We have designed and developed our own range of buildings in the 'cottage' style. The range is manufactured for us in Germany with wood from Norway. The windows and doors are good quality Premium double glazed units which just slot in, but have a unique security system. They can be upgraded to an even higher quality - Super Premium. We manufacture in 34mm, 45mm, 70mm and 92mm logs.

These buildings are suitable for a wide range of activities, but are especially suited to garden offices, home gyms, guest houses, treatment rooms, photography studios etc, due to the thickness of the logs and the optional floor and roof insulation packages we offer if we are installing for you.

Any of these plans can be altered to suit your situation Just let us know what you want changed so we can make new drawings and a quotation. If you want something even more personal, design your own Bespoke  Cabin. Extras such as windows, velux windows, window boxes, shutters, guttering, veranda/decking kits and guttering downlights will make your cabin really unique.

Before purchasing it is important that you have fully read and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Delivery Information.


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Jul 04, 2015

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