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Why choose Eco Timber Base?

Our Eco Timber Base offers a fast, simple and environmentally friendly alternative to a concrete base.  Eco Timber Base is especially ideal for for properties where access is a problem or the ground is not level. Eco Timber Base is completely recyclable and easy to dismantle if required.

What is an Eco Timber Base?

An Eco Timber Base is a timber framework supported on anti-rot recycled plastic posts. We use  pressure treated, heavy duty, timber bolted to plastic posts which are positioned at intervals to support weight loads. The plastic posts are sunk into the ground and cemented in using a fast setting post mix. The anti-rot recycled plastic posts are the only part of the base which has contact with the ground.

The Eco Timber Base is constructed to the size of your garden building. It can be extended to accommodate an area of decking if desired, please call for a quotation.

There is very little mess or waste with this method and the work can be completed in 1-2 days.

As it is fast setting it is possible for us to start building your cabin virtually immediately, unlike a full concrete base which would need a minimum of 48 hours (preferably a week) before building.

All work is carried out by Perfect Cabins experienced installers and NOT subcontractors.

Sloping site Dorset July 2012

Sloping site Dorset July 2012

How much will an Eco Timber Base cost?

These are approximate prices for base installations within 25 miles of postcode RG20*

* for installations over 25 miles there are usually extra charges for fuel/accommodation

Please note: We do not always take on base work during our busy season.

The prices below are to be used as a guide only. Prices are inclusive of VAT

Please Note:

Eco Timber Base may not be suitable for all buildings so please contact us first to discuss your requirements. 

Prices do not include leveling of the ground or removal of soil/waste from your garden.

We assume fairly level and reasonably solid ground when estimating a price.

If you have very hard, rocky ground digging holes for the posts may be difficult and more time consuming, or soft/boggy ground may need extra posts, so all prices are estimates unless we complete a site survey.

For a personal estimate please send detailed photos of the site with a description of the gradient and soil type etc. plus any other relevant information.
All prices below are approximate. Prices will depend on access, the slope of the ground and the type of ground.
For a personal quotation please email photos of the site and your access
Area Eco
Timber Base
up to 8 £1,100
8-9 £1,200
9-12 £1,300
12-14 £1,400
14-16 £1,500
16-17.5 £1,600
17.5-19.5 £1,700
19.5-21 £1,800
21-30 £1,900 - £2,500

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07931 363227 (mobile)


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