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Bespoke Cabins

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Bespoke L shaped log cabin with loft storage area and anthracite shingles

7m x 4m 70mm logs

 installed by Perfect Cabins June/July 2011 





Bespoke log cabin with Cedar shingle roof (by customer)

7m x 4m 92mm logs







Bespoke Cabin based on a Ramsbury Cottage 6.5m x 3.5m installed by Perfect Cabins September 2009






Bespoke Pent Roof 9.2m x 3.7m cabin (2.5m tall) Nov 2008








Bespoke Ramsbury style log cabin with triple window August 2008

5.5m x 3.5m 70mm logs



Island Lodge installed by Perfect Cabins November 2008

Treated by the customer 





 Devon Lodge 11m x 5.5m installed by Perfect Cabins February 2008

Treated by the customer


Bespoke log cabin with Terracotta shingle roof 

8.5m x 4m 45mm logs 



Bespoke office cabin 3.2m x 2.12m 45mm installed by Perfect Cabins May 2007

Treated by the customer 








8m x 5m Bespoke building installed by Perfect Cabins June 2007 



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May 22, 2022

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