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How to Order

Before ordering please read the relevant Delivery sections on the website. We advise that you call to check the current timescale for delivery, as it does vary with demand.

When you have decided which cabin you would like to purchase you can order by:

Email (preferred) to

Send ALL the following details so that we can place your order:

Customer's full name -

Delivery address (plus invoice address if this is different) -

Postcode -

Daytime and Evening phone numbers (so that the haulier can call you to arrange the delivery!) -

STANDARD CABINS - Name of the cabin style (i.e. Bucklebury Cottage, Berkshire 43, Nevis Garage) -

Size of cabin in meters -

Type of shingles or EPDM (standard bitumen shingles, Eco Slate, standard EPDM, Classicbond EPDM etc.) -

Colour of shingles (if required) -

Any 'extras' required with the cabin such as verandas or side shelters etc. -

Any factory treatments (if available with your choice of building) -

Choice of hardware (if available with your choice of building) -

BESPOKE CABINS - Full specifications required, especially if more than one quote was supplied! -

Confirmation that you have read and understood the relevant delivery information, and that the truck is able to deliver to your property.

It is vitally important all the relevant information is given on one email.

This email is then kept separately and can be referred to easily in the future. We use this email to place the order, and check it against the Order Confirmation we receive from our manufacturers.

It is especially important for Bespoke buildings, where there may have been many quotes supplied, and often dozens of emails back and forth, with changes regarding specifications.

This ensures that the building specification and extras, such as - toughened glazing, factory painting/treating, colour of hardware, colour of shingles etc - are ordered for you correctly!

Please note: By placing an order, you are consenting to our Terms and Conditions. 


In most cases full payment is required upon order.

The payment terms will be on your invoice.

Payment is by bank transfer only.

Our account details are on the VAT invoice.


Bespoke 70mm log cabin with Diamond 3+ quality toughened double glazing

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Jul 02, 2022

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