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If you are planning to use your cabin in all seasons, you will need to add some kind of heating.
To avoid costly heating bills, we would advise you to insulate the roof and the floor of your cabin.
This job is best done when the cabin is being installed, as it can be done to a better standard.
Cabins have pressure treated foundation bearers of 45mm or 68mm tall which sit on your base to support your cabin.
 Your tongue and groove floorboards sit on top of the bearers which leaves a void in between each beam.
 You can therefore insulate between your bearers with either 40mm or 50mm thick Celotex type insulation.
You could just use thin 25mm insulation, but this does seem rather pointless when you have a larger gap.
It is not much more expensive to buy 40mm or 50mm and do the job properly!
If we are installing your cabin we can also quote to insulate your roof and floor.
If you are installing your own cabin we can advise you how to insulate, and estimate materials required for you.

Insulation supplied by Perfect Cabins:

Full specifications of our insulation method and materials will be supplied with your quotation.
Insulation under floor between bearers - 40mm or 50mm PIR *  rigid insulation
Insulation on top of roof boards - Warm roof method - 50mm PIR *  rigid insulation
(Even thicker roof insulation can be supplied and fitted if required)
If you are comparing quotes, please check the insulation is to the same high specifications!
Guide prices can be found in the Installation section
 * PIR = Rigid Polyurethane Foam PIR Insulation Board Foil Faced
Common brands are Celotex, Xtratherm or Kingspan
Technical info: What is PIR / PUR? -
Celotex Xtratherm Kingspan
Photos of well known brands
Compare our supply and fit prices to others supply only prices and you will be pleasantly surprised.
We do the hard work, so you don't have to!

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Jul 02, 2022

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